From July 21 to 24, 2022, Sacramento it’ll be the city of film. We will have a festival for all tastes, with different themes, in different formats. There will be cinema and web series, but there will also be room for music and scripts. All this in the SACRAMENTO UNDERGROUND FILM & ARTS FESTIVAL.


From the city of Sacramento we want to welcome all participants and fans to this new edition of SACRAMENTO UNDERGROUND FILM & ARTS FESTIVAL.

Again this year, the Festival has the support and collaboration of private companies, individuals and institutions that, altruistically, have been involved in the organization to make this fifth edition a reality. We want to move all this enthusiasm and celebrate this film event in our city.

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SACRAMENTO UNDERGROUND FILM & ARTS FESTIVAL will features and shorts from all over the world. Many have never been shown to an audience before or screened in the Sacramento city. For a full list of selections, please visit the SELECTIONS page.


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SACRAMENTO UNDERGROUND FILM & ARTS FESTIVALwill be held July 21 to 24, 2022.


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SACRAMENTO UNDERGROUND FILM & ARTS FESTIVAL will began accepting submissions for 2021-2022 starting October, 24, 2021. Submissions will be made through the associated platforms.